One of the most talked about topics in my speech “Don’t Be Scurrred” is “Do You!”

Because the world is filled with Fake & Phony people, it’s time to stand out and Just Do You! When you do, there are huge benefits and they are listed below. 

Benefit #1 – Do You = Less Stress

Why do you think so many people are stressed the heck out?  I know one of the number one reasons people are so stressed out is because they are trying to meet someone else’s expectation and not your own.  Initially it may seem great but when you really begin to look at it, you realize that the moment something goes off course, you begin to resent it and get upset.  Which in turn my friends, creates an unnecessary stress!  Want to be less stressed out check out benefit #2


Benefit #2 – You get to set your own course

One of the reasons why I am in love with the Singer / Songwriter, India Arie is because she writes songs with lyrics like this (From “Just Do You)

“When you create the game, then you create the rules.

And if you just be you, there’s no way you can lose!”


To See The Video, CLICK HERE

This is such a huge benefit because instead of trying to follow someone else’s course of life for you, CREATE AND FOLLOW YOUR OWN!  When you do this, you will notice you will be happier and more at peace.  You will be able to handle problems and issues much better because you know that you set this course for your life. 

Benefit #3 – Freedom

One of the number one things I hear constantly is “I don’t know A’ric, you are just yourself and you seem like you don’t care about what others think.”  The truth is . . . THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!  I recommend that you embrace who you are.  When you embrace who you are, there is a certain freedom that comes with it because you are not trying to be like others, you are just working to Do You!


Benefit #4 – You Stand Out From Everyone Else &

You Are Respected For It


When you do you, you will be amazed at how people gravitate towards you more.  I always thought that I would get more attention if I fit in.  Truth is, when you stand out just by being yourself, people see you as brave and courageous.  Be respected for the person you truly are instead of being respected trying to be someone you are  not.

I will close by saying this.  It may seem like it is easier to mold yourself to be like your friends.  However, in the long run, being like someone just to fit in will put you on a journey of questioning yourself  over and over again about who you really are.  Don’t put yourself through that.  You deserve to JUST DO YOU!

My Boy Eric Thomas, B.K.A. E. T. The Hip Hop Preacher is known for his video "How Bad Do You Want It?"  An amazing story!  Make sure you check that out.


Outside of that, this video on focus was truly amazed by this.  He speaks so much life in this I had to share this with you . . . My Peeps! 



A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

I recently attended a Student Leadership Conference (shout out to Oklahoma HOSA!)

and in the opening ceremonies, a story was told that really had me thinking. 

So of course you know me, "where can I see the story?"  I will admit I am a very visual person.  Then I found it!  

This truly is a very inspiring story, but for my #3percenters, I have a question for you . . .


Can you be the person who provides VISION for others even when THEY CANNOT SEE?




A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

For All the "Haters" who thought I would not be LIVING MY DREAM . . . Keep hating, while I am living my dream.

Here I am Live in Detroit!  

Special Shout Out To Romulus Middle & High School!


Remember . . .

Don't Be Scurrred To Destroy Your Box

Don't Be Scurrred To Do You

Don't Be Scurrred To Get 2 M.A.D.


Check me out at http://www.AricSpeaks.com 


The Dream Achiever

A'ric Jackson

Watch . . .

Believe You Can . . .

Take Massive Action . . .



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