My Boy Eric Thomas, B.K.A. E. T. The Hip Hop Preacher is known for his video "How Bad Do You Want It?"  An amazing story!  Make sure you check that out.


Outside of that, this video on focus was truly amazed by this.  He speaks so much life in this I had to share this with you . . . My Peeps! 



A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

I recently attended a Student Leadership Conference (shout out to Oklahoma HOSA!)

and in the opening ceremonies, a story was told that really had me thinking. 

So of course you know me, "where can I see the story?"  I will admit I am a very visual person.  Then I found it!  

This truly is a very inspiring story, but for my #3percenters, I have a question for you . . .


Can you be the person who provides VISION for others even when THEY CANNOT SEE?




A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

For All the "Haters" who thought I would not be LIVING MY DREAM . . . Keep hating, while I am living my dream.

Here I am Live in Detroit!  

Special Shout Out To Romulus Middle & High School!


Remember . . .

Don't Be Scurrred To Destroy Your Box

Don't Be Scurrred To Do You

Don't Be Scurrred To Get 2 M.A.D.


Check me out at 


The Dream Achiever

A'ric Jackson

Watch . . .

Believe You Can . . .

Take Massive Action . . .




The Video Is Simple . . .

Are you a #3Percenter . . . Or Not?




A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

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