For All the "Haters" who thought I would not be LIVING MY DREAM . . . Keep hating, while I am living my dream.

Here I am Live in Detroit!  

Special Shout Out To Romulus Middle & High School!


Remember . . .

Don't Be Scurrred To Destroy Your Box

Don't Be Scurrred To Do You

Don't Be Scurrred To Get 2 M.A.D.


Check me out at 


The Dream Achiever

A'ric Jackson

Watch . . .

Believe You Can . . .

Take Massive Action . . .




The Video Is Simple . . .

Are you a #3Percenter . . . Or Not?




A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

Do You Really Own Your Magnificence?


What If I Told You, EVERYTHING that happened in your life, happened for your MAGNIFICENCE!


Are you ready to Embrace it?


Check out the latest "Sunday's Thought For the Week" and enjoy.


Love You To Life!

A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever

"Do It For The Vine!"

Ladies & Gentlemen!  I am clear of this one thing.


When Sesame Street Picks Up A Trend    . . . IT IS MAJOR!!!


The Viral Video with the pretty little girl in her leotard in the dressing room has made its way to Sesame Street with Elmo taking the lead on "Do It For The Vine!"  


For those of you who love Elmo like me (yep that is a secret of mine . . . SHHHH!!!!), this video will not only having you laughing!  It will have you playing it over and over again.


So for my #3Percenters out there,

Do It For The Vine!  &

Do It For Your Life!


A'ric Jackson

The Dream Achiever


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